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Baosheng(Ningxia) wire and cable technology Co.,Ltd Bidding Instructions for the Sale of Waste Goods in November.
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Baosheng(Ningxia) wire and cable technology Co.,Ltd Bidding Instructions for the Sale of Waste Goods in November.


Baosheng (Ningxia) Cable Technology Co., Ltd. in line with the principle of fairness and impartiality, will face the public bidding for all kinds of productive waste materials that expire. In order to standardize the bidding work, the following instructions are formulated.

一.  Qualification documents are required for registration Copies of business licenses (involving environmental waste, the environmental protection department's business license and disposal agreement must be provided), the invoicing unit's legal person power of attorney (stamped with the official seal of the unit), and the bidder's identity card.

二. The company collects a certain amount of tender money and tender bond for the bidder (person): the tender money will not be refunded after payment, the bond for the unsuccessful bidder (person) will be refunded within three days after the end of the bid evaluation activity, and the bond for the winning bidder will be refunded after the completion of the performance period of the waste export contract.

大发时时彩规律 三. This bid is for all kinds of waste materials produced in the process of processing and manufacturing products (see the attached table for the definition and source of waste products). Please read this table carefully before bidding.


Definition and source


Bid document cost




. Scrap iron category

1.Scrap iron and iron-containing accessories


Equipment obsolete accessories (excluding copper and aluminium damaged parts) and other scrap iron parts and scrap steel strips





Non-ferrous metals are removed by themselves during treatment.

. Waste plastics

2. Low voltage Waste Crosslinking Material

Crosslinked Polyethylene Material Layout and Stripping Material in Low Voltage Cable Production




Sundries such as plastic wrapping tapes shall be arranged by the purchaser on its own. The following is the same.

3. Waste PVC material

Waste discharged and stripped from cable production



Self-finishing of tape with wrapping

4. Waste halogen-free sheath material

Halogen-free plastics produced by cable production and stripping (including tapes)



Self-finishing of tape

Note: The quality of waste products is based on material objects, and the quantity produced per month is not guaranteed.

大发时时彩规律 四. Bidding money and deposit shall be delivered to the public before 12:00 on December 5, 2018 Department of Finance or designated account, tenderer's specialaccount information: Huxing: Baosheng (Ningxia) Cable Technology Co., Ltd; Account number: 18050000000155608; Account opening bank: Yinchuan Branch of Huaxia Bank Co., Ltd. (When you choose to remit money by wire transfer or net transfer, in the abstract column, write "Baosheng (Ningxia) Cable Technology Co., Ltd. * Project Guarantee". The representative of the bidding unit receives the "Bidding Instructions" and "Quotation Form" from the production department on the basis of the receipt or remittance certificate issued by the Finance Department, which is deemed to be abandoned after the time limit.

大发时时彩规律 五. The tender price figures in the tender form (quotation form) shall be in lowercase format with clear handwriting. Chu, neat, the bidder signed the name and date, indicating the telephone number. Bids with unclear handwriting or without signature will be deemed invalid.

大发时时彩规律 六. The tender shall be in the form of a hidden tender, and the completed tender shall be sealed by the bidder in an envelope.The seal of the bidding unit shall be affixed to the seal, or the bidder may sign at the seal himself.

大发时时彩规律 七. The bidder sends the signed or sealed bid form envelope to the purchasing department of the company, and the bid is accepted. The deadline is December 5, 2018. The tender shall not be retrieved after it is delivered to the designated place.

大发时时彩规律 八. Within three days after the bidding, Baosheng (Ningxia) Cable Technology Co., Ltd. organized the opening of the tender. The basis for determining the scrap price is the highest price of bidders, the disposal price of scrap in previous years and the current local market. Finally, the members of the scrap bidding group will evaluate whether the final winning price is determined.

大发时时彩规律 九. All bidders or individuals must abide by the company's rules and regulations after entering the company's gate. No collusion between bidders is allowed to depress the bidding price. Any activities that affect the fairness and fairness of bidding will result in the invalidation of the bidding results.

大发时时彩规律 十. Notice to the winning bidder

1. The winning unit (or individual) signs with the company within three days after receiving the notification of winning the bid.

大发时时彩规律 The term of validity of the contract is tentatively set at 6 months, during which the price of the scrap sale price remains unchanged.

大发时时彩规律 2. The successful bidder shall use the registered unit as the tax ticket issuing unit, and shall not be replaced halfway.

3. Frequency of scrap shipment will be specified in the contract between the two parties. The winning bidder must come to the truck to load the goods within 12 hours after receiving the notification, otherwise the winning bidder will be fined according to the agreement. If three consecutive notifications fail to come to the site, resulting in a backlog of waste products affecting the site, the company has the right to dispose of the waste to a third party. If there is a deficiency in the disposal of the waste price difference, it will be supplemented by the bid party's margin.

大发时时彩规律 4. If the winning bidder abstains, the deposit will not be refunded and the company's qualification to engage in waste purchase business will be cancelled within five years.

5. Any act found by the winning bidder to harm the company's interests during the loading process shall be punished according to the relevant provisions of the company (see the contract), and the legal liability of the winning bidder shall be investigated according to the seriousness of the circumstances.

大发时时彩规律 The procurement department and the production department are responsible for the bidding activities and the interpretation rights of the bidding documents. The telephone number for consultation is 13852182070.

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