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TheParty branch of Baosheng Technology Center launched the "Secretary Project" Promotion Conference
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TheParty branch of Baosheng Technology Center launched the "Secretary Project" Promotion Conference


大发时时彩规律 Recently, the party branch of Baosheng Technology Center has combined the new product appraisal work and held the “Secretary Project” promotion meeting. Relevant comrades of Baosheng Technology Center attended the meeting.


At the meeting, the heads of R&D projects reported on the new products participating in the appraisal in 2018. The members of the audit team focused on reviewing the innovations and searching for new keywords in each project, and discussed the projects such as ultra-flexible robot cables. Communicate,conduct countermeasure analysis and coping strategies research on emerging problems.


The meeting pointed out that the key product research and development is the "secretary project" of the technology center. After the efforts of the research and development personnel, the relevant work has achieved a little achievement. The vast number of technical workers, especially the party members, should give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role, further improve the political position, improve the follow-up work of related product research and development, ensure that the R&D project passes the appraisal smoothly, and provide technical support for the high-quality development and high-efficiency growth of the enterprise.

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