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Baosheng Group held the 2018 6S Management Site Meeting
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Baosheng Group held the 2018 6S Management Site Meeting


Recently, Baosheng 2018 6S management site will be held in the power cable company, Bao Ying shares vice president Yang Yinghua, corporate management department, production department, equipment and energy department, warehousing department and the heads of various subsidiaries and 6S promoters attended the meeting.


大发时时彩规律 The meeting reviewed the overall progress of the 6S site management work in 2018, and detailed the typical case of the power cable company's large-scale power cable workshop through the enhanced management to improve the site, and organized the participants to visit the 6S construction of the workshop site. The medium voltage cable company and the signal cable company exchanged ideas on how to effectively improve the quality of all employees and how to manage the 6S management of the team. The meeting also set goals and requirements for the next phase of 6S work.

During the on-site meeting, Vice President Yang Yinghua summarized the meeting. He pointed out that although the company's 6S management has a certain improvement compared with the previous stage, there is still a big gap between the company's requirements, and each subsidiary must persist in the 6S management work. In the next stage, each sub-enterprise should combine its own characteristics to create a lean on-site management system, improve various management systems, refine various indicators, strictly implement assessment rewards and punishments, strengthen daily inspections, and combine visual and kanban management to create a full staff. The good atmosphere of participation and full staff construction ultimately achieves the goal of improving production efficiency, reducing production costs, ensuring production safety and improving employee quality.

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