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Tender Notice on Baosheng Submarine Cable Drum Project
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Tender Notice on Baosheng Submarine Cable Drum Project

大发时时彩规律 I. Project Name: Baosheng Submarine Cable Drum Project

Tenderer: Baosheng Group Co., Ltd.

Demand side: AVIC Baosheng Ocean Engineering Cable Co., Ltd.

II. Brief description of the project: Due to the production needs of Baosheng Submarine Cable Company, it is necessary to purchase a batch of plates.

Third, the bidder qualification requirements: 1, the bidder's registered capital: more than 3 million yuan (including 3 million); 2, the bidder has the technical strength, processing equipment and quality management capabilities to implement the tender project, with manufacturing, design, Installation qualification, and has passed the ISO9000 series quality management system certification; 3, the bidders have good financial status in the past 3 years, no illegal records such as violations of laws and regulations, good social reputation, providing financial statements for nearly 3 years. Has a good business reputation and a sound financial accounting system; compliance with laws; 4, the bidders in the past three years of the same type of equipment sales performance of more than two.

Note: Bidders must meet all the above qualifications to participate in the bidding of this project. No one can participate in the bidding.

4. Bidding matters: 1. The bidding is divided into technical standard and commercial standard (the technical standard and the commercial standard need to be sealed independently), and the bidder must go to the site to carry out technical clarification and participate in the bidding; 2. The bidding authorization committee determines 3. Winning bidders; 3. Not accepting joint bids; 4. The project is not allowed to subcontract itself; 5. Bidders participate in this bidding and respond to our bidding system, follow our tendering regulations, and treat violations as illegal. .

大发时时彩规律 V. Bidding fee: If the bidder participates in the bidding of this project, it must pay a deposit of RMB 10,000 to a special account (see item 7 for details). It is recommended that the bidding fee and the bid bond are all by wire transfer. When the bidder wins the bid, the bidder will not refund the bid fee; when the bidder fails to win the bid, the bidder refunds the deposit paid by the bidder; when the bidder wins the bid, the bidder must choose one of the following two options: 1. Provide the performance guarantee letter of the project (the bank guarantee letter of 10% of the bid price, invalid after the installation and acceptance of the equipment), return the bid bond paid by the bidder after receiving the performance bond, 2. Provide the performance bond of the project (by the bid bond) The bidder will be transferred to the performance bond and will be replenished to 10% of the bid price, and the equipment will be returned after the installation and acceptance. The rest of the expenses will be borne by the bidder, and the bidder will not be compensated regardless of whether the bidder wins the bid.

大发时时彩规律 VI. Successful bidding service fee: The winning bidder shall pay the winning bidding service fee after winning the bid. All the winning bidding service fees shall be 50% of the standard specified in the [2002] 1980 standard according to the Interim Measures of the State Development Planning Commission document “Administrative Charges for Bidding Agency Services”. Charged.

大发时时彩规律 7. Special account information of the tenderer: Account name: Baosheng Technology Innovation Co., Ltd.; Account number: 1108200429100006321; Bank of deposit: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Co., Ltd. Baoying Baosheng qiao Sub-branch. (Please select the remittance of the wire transfer or online transfer method, in the summary column, write "Tendering Office × × Project Margin")

8. Method of sending bids: After receiving the bidding fee, the bidding party will send the electronic version of the bid on the next day. If the bidder has not received the bid within two days after the remittance, the bidder may call the Baosheng Tendering Office for enquiry (contact: Mr. Wu) The bid bond shall be transferred to the special account for the bid bond before the bid opening time according to the requirements of the bid. Time for purchase of bids: December 30, 2018, 17:30, 8:00-11:30, 14:00-17:30 (Beijing time, excluding holidays); time for paying the bid deposit: December 2018 It will end at 17:30 on the 10th, every day from 8:00 to 11:30 and from 14:00 to 17:30 (Beijing time, except holidays).

大发时时彩规律 9. Registration time: December 4th - December 10th, 2018 (7:45-11:45 am, 2:30-5:30 pm).

大发时时彩规律 X. Bid Opening Time: November 27, 2018, 8:30 am (Technical bidding)

              November 27, 2018 2:30 pm (Commercial bidding) (Obsolete to give up the bidding qualification)

              The specific arrangements will be adjusted according to the actual situation on the day.

大发时时彩规律 XI. Bid Opening Address: Bidding Office of Baosheng Technology Innovation Co., Ltd. (3rd Floor of Baosheng Supply Department), Bid Opening Method: Submitted on site.

Ⅻ. Contact information: Business Contact: Mr. Wu 0514—88249733;

                 Technical Contact: Mr. Zhang 13773346455

      Fax: 0514—88249775



大发时时彩规律 Baosheng Group Co., Ltd.

Tender office

大发时时彩规律 November 20, 2018

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