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Workers who dare to improve "foreign equipment"
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Workers who dare to improve "foreign equipment"


Yang Congyin graduated from Harbin University of Science and Technology in 1996 with a major in electrical insulation and cable. In the same year, he entered Baosheng. From the operator, the shift to the team leader of the serial lineof signal cable business unit.

大发时时彩规律      The serial line process is a key process in cable manufacturing. Whether it is the production equipment of the process, the raw and auxiliary materials, or the skill level of the operator, the requirements are quite high. Starting from a basic operator, he mastered the operation rules and production processes of two imported serial lines in just half a year. In the second year, he became the first shifter. Under his leadership, the output of his shift was the first. At the end of the year, he was named an advanced individual and later named a production expert.

In 2005, the company newly boarded the railway signal cable project, and he was transferred to the signal cable business unit as the team leader of the serial line team. With the upgrading of the cable, the existing equipment can no meet the product demand. The company has introduced a foamed insulatedthree-layer co-extruded production line from Switzerland. Although it is still production line of single wire insulation, but the operating procedures, raw materials and product structure are completely different from the previous production line. To operate it well, he must learn from scratch. Since the installation of the equipment, Yang Congyin has devoted himself to learning. When the equipment is commissioned, he keeps track of the experts and hands-on operation. When in doubt, he asks the experts in time, writes down the relevant data with a notebook, and then teaches other operators until the equipment is completely debugged.

The foaming stability of the foamed insulated wire is the key factor determining the strength of the inner shielded railway digital signal cable. It is directly reflected in the stability of the water capacitor, and the stability of the water capacitor is greatly affected by the external environment. The control level of foreign water capacitors is 1.2PF, and the best level in the domestic industry is 1.5PF. The single line produced by this kind of technology has no problem in itself, but it has higher requirements for the subsequent process, while the latter process company is equipped with domestic equipment, which cannot fully meet the high-precision process requirements, and the product qualification rate has not been high. In order to reverse the situation, Yang Congyin actively explored, broke the foreign routine, and improved the operation on the equipment. He replaces the percentage control with the actual temperature control, and directly sets the required preheating temperature on the computer display to adjust the temperature around the set temperature, thus improving the accuracy of the preheating temperature. Change the cooling method, change the first section cooling mode of the heating water tank from spray type to immersion type, let the foam line exit the extruder head and then perform a relatively constant cooling environment to rapidly cool the outside of the single line. Reduce the influence of the external environment on the water capacitance, and control the accuracy of the water capacitance to 0.8PF. The pass rate of finished products has been increased from 80% to over 95%. When the foreign experts visited Baosheng for the second time, after seeing this situation, even with a thumbs up, it was really amazing to praise Baosheng. Today, the single-wire network cable produced by the serial line not only captures the domestic market, but also exports to the United States, the United Kingdom, South Korea and other countries. Among them, Yang’s credit for silver cannot be underestimated.

Most of the foaming lines produced by domestic manufacturers of shielded digital signal cables use imported foaming lines. The quality of this material is good, the requirements for the production process are low, and it is easy to produce, but the material is expensive, the delivery time is long, often restricting production, the company urgently needs to replace imported materials with domestic materials. At the time, there were few domestic manufacturers of such materials, and the quality was very unstable, and the pass rate was very low. In order to realize the localization of materials, Yang Congyin tried his best. He adjusted the temperature of each zone of the extruder to make the material plasticized more evenly in the extruder; reconfigured the extrusion mode to make the mold and the production foam line more match. At the same time, the gas volume is adjusted appropriately. Through repeated explorations and unremitting efforts, the localization of materials has made a major breakthrough. Nowadays, it has been widely used in the production of foam line, reducing the production cost by more than 30%, improving the market competitiveness of Baosheng products and laying the foundation for Baosheng signal cable to gain a larger market share.

On May 23, the “Baosheng Cup” national second wire and cable manufacturing (pull line) vocational skill competition came to an end. Yang Congyin stood out from the 106 finalists and won the individual competition gold medal. He said that the achievements can only represent the past, and only by continuous learning can we keep up with the pace of progress. The title of the gold medal worker is indeed very heavy. Only by doing tangible performance can it be taken for granted. (From "Bao Ying Daily")

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